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Simply Automated UPB Home Automation Application Notes

There are many ways to solve your home automation applications with Simply Automated products and UPB lighting automation and control solutions. Below are solutions to some common home automation applications.  If you don’t find a solution for your applications, or if you have questions, please contact us

Stand-alone UPB Home Automation Applications
Here are some cool applications that can make living in your home much more comfortable and efficient.


UPB Home Automation and Lighting Control with Security Panels
Security panels offer many options to manually or automatically control lighting and other devices.  For example, they interface with motion sensors, smart phones, web pages, RF key-fobs, access-keypads, door strikes and window sensors to offer you convenience and security – lights turn on automatically when you enter a room or open a door – flash exterior lights upon alarm so neighbors or emergency responders can quickly see which home is alarmed. Provide pathway lighting in the event of a fire alarm, and more...  


UPB Trouble Shooting Tips
Simply Automated’s UPB technology is extremely robust, and most professional installers will tell you that it is much, much more reliable and flexible than X10, Insteon, Z-Wave and other wireless/wifi technologies.  The performance of UPB can be adversely affected by sever powerline noise or high capacitance loads.  UPStart configuration software is a free download and has powerful tools to help, indentify, trouble shoot and resolve such issues on a UPB system.  Here are some UPB technical tips to help quickly solve issues.




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