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Home Automation Anywhere Virtual Switches

Simply Automated
Anywhere 3-Way (On/Off) Switch Kit
Professional Grade Remote Lighting Control


Two high quality professional grade 900W switches replace existing mechanical wall switches, utilize same wires of existing wall switches - no traveler wires or batteries needed!  Turn on/off circuits from both switches (neutral wire required).

A simple cost effective alternative for the professional electrician – versus running costly new wiring or using consumer DIY (wireless 3-Way) options that do not always work.  Employs Simply Automated’s advanced powerline technology – transmits over 1 mile.  Wall plates sold separately.

  • 3-Way control of lights anywhere on your property without running new wires
  • Includes two (2) professional grade 900W switches
  • A cost effective alternative for the professional electrician
Anywhere 3-Way 1-Rocker Switch Kit
Includes 2 professional grade ON/OFF
single rocker switches (900W Max. each),
up to 4 pair can be used in the home.

Model: V3WAY-A
Anywhere 4- or More-Way 1-Rocker Switch
One professional grade ON/OFF single
rocker switch (900W) for use with Model
V3WAY-A to provide 4-way (or more-way) control.

Model: US1-V0

Up to 4 sets of Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kits can be used around the home.  Simply change each switch set to a different channel (1-4), for up to four separate zones of lighting control.  If 4-Way control is needed (3-switches), just add another Anywhere Switch (model US1-V0).  Any number of US1-V0 switches can be added, on any channel.

Simply Automated’s Anywhere Switches and Kits are incompatible (will not talk to or work) with any of Simply Automated’s PC-Configured, Pre-Configured, SimplySmartTM, or other UPB or UPStart product solutions.


Color Change Kits
(sold separately)

Easily change rocker color from gloss white to almond, ivory, light almond, black or brown.
Simply remove the existing rocker and snap on the desired color.

Color Model
White ZS11-W
Almond ZS11-A
Light Almond ZS11-LA
Ivory ZS11-I
Black ZS11-BK
Brown ZS11-BN



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