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Home Automation Anywhere Virtual Lighting Control


Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-Timer
Remote Virtual UPB Lighting Control

Virtual UPB lighting and appliance control throughout your home with Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-Timer (UCS-V0). Use with Anywhere 3-Way Virtual Switch Kits (V3WAY-A and V3WAY-B), Anywhere Switches (US1-V0, US2-V02, US2-V03 and US2-V04), Plug-In Appliance Relay Module (UMA-V0), Wire-In Fixture Relay Module (UFR-V0) and/or Controlled Receptacle (URD-V0). Program to turn on/off 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or more lights or appliances anywhere and anytime in your home. Endless possibilities!

A simple low cost home automation professional grade lighting control alternative versus running costly new wiring or using a DIY consumer grade (RF wireless) option that does not always work. Employs Simply Automated's advanced powerful universal powerline bus technology.


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