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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Programming Related Questions (Using UPStart Software)


  1. How do I configure a home using UPB – what is UPStart software?
  2. Simply Automated uses a software program called UPStart. UPStart is available as a free download from the Simply Automated website. See About UPStart UPB for details.


  3. What should I do when UPStart says my computer interface module is out of date?
  4. Tap the button on the module 5 times, the LED will blink, tap the button 10 times, the LED will blink the opposite color, now tap the button twice. Now reconnect to the interface module.


  5. I've programmed a button or rocker on a multi-button/rocker dimmer switch controller base (US2-40 or US22-40) to control a scene. I've checked the transmitter and all the receivers, everything is programmed correctly but it doesn't work.  What’s the problem?
  6. Open the options tab in UPStart and make sure that there is a check mark in the “transmit enables” box for the button or rocker you are trying to use for your scene controller.


  7. I tried to perform a ‘factory reset’ on a dual-circuit multi-button/rocker dimmer controller base (US22-40) but I can’t seem to get it out of setup without cycling power to the unit.  Is there something wrong with my US22-40? 

    No there nothing wrong with your US22-40. In order to take advantage of some feature related to the 2nd channel in the US22-40 the number of taps to get out of setup mode was changed from 2 to 5.  So to perform a factory reset on a US22-40, you would tap 5 times then 10 times then five times again.


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