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Security Panel Interface Series

Simply Automated Pre-Configured
SimplySmart™ Security Panel Series

Ready to Use Lighting Control for Any Security Panel
with Low Voltage or Dry Contact Outputs


Easily Connect Simply Automated Lighting to Any Alarm Panel with Low-Voltage or Contact Output. Powerful UPB powerline technology made simple for the security panel dealer/installer. Manual programming. No PC required. Optimum lighting interface solution for security panel installer!

  • Never enter a dark home again – automatically turn on lights when security panel is disarmed.
  • Turns on lights in the event of fire, panic, intrusion alarm
    or when front, rear or garage door is opened.
  • Use security panel's RF remote to turn on lights

Pre-Configured Lamp or Dimmer Security Panel Starter Kit. Simple Plug-n-Play Installation. 1-2-3 Done! Low Cost. High Value-Add for Enhanced Security!

DSC Security Panels | GE NX Security Panels | Honeywell Vista Security Panels

Lamp Starter Kit
includes 2 lamp modules and I/O Module

Model: DKIT-03SP
Dimmer Starter Kit
includes 2 dimmers and I/O Module

Model: DKIT-04SP
Full Line of Pre-Configured Accessories*

Add additional pre-configured dimmers, modules, tabletop pedestals, controllers or Scheduler-Timer. Fully compatible, ready to use. One button convenience to turn on/off up to 12 or more devices (dimmers or lamp modules). Simple and powerful one button scene dimming and control. Provides security, night time convenience and energy savings.

Lamp Modules
Model: UML7 Model: UML8
Standard Dimmers
Model: US1W9 Model: US1W10
Tabletop Pedestal With
4-Button Scene Control

Model: US2TP11
Tabletop Pedestal With
4-Button Scene Control and
4-Status LEDS

Model: USQT22
Tabletop Pedestal With
8-Button Scene Control

Model: US28OTP23
Deluxe Dimmer With
4-Button Scene Control

Model: US2W12 Model: US2W24
Controlled (Relay) Receptacles
Model: URD27 Model: URD28
Dimmer Starter Kit

Model: DKIT-01
Lamp Starter Kit
Model: DKIT-02
Appliance (Relay) Modules
Model: UMA25 Model: UMA26
Includes RS-232 Computer Interface

Model: UCS-01

*One model-number only of any pre-configured kit or unit can be used in a home without the use of a PC with UPStart configuration software and a computer interface module.  A phase-coupler is recommended for homes larger than 2000 Sq. Ft.


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