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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

General Product Related Questions


  1. Where can I buy Simply Automated Products?
  2. See Where to Buy


  3. How do I ‘get started’ using Simply Automated products?
  4. Once you've installed the devices in your home, you'll need the following three items:

    a. Computer Interface Module (CIM).  The CIM connects your home’s electrical wiring and your PC.  There are two CIM options, USB or RS-232 serial.  See Computer Interface Options.

    b. UPStart Software: Available at no charge on Simply Automated’s web site.  See About UPStart UPB Software for details.  When you are ready to download click UPStart UPB Software Download.

    c. Phase Coupler: All homes have a 240V feed to the main breaker panel where the 240V is separated into 120V in two phases, A and B. To ensure both phases communicate with each other, especially in homes greater than 2500 sq. ft., we recommend you install a Phase Coupler in the main breaker pane (and sub-panels if you have a larger home).  See Phase Coupler Options.


  5. Do I need a phase coupler?
  6. In many cases, the UPB signal is strong enough to operate across phases in a split-phase residential wiring situation. However, some installations (e.g. home greater than 2500 sq. ft.) will require a passive phase coupler to achieve reliable operation. Since it is impossible to predict the need for a coupler in any particular situation, Simply Automated strongly recommends that at least one phase coupler be included in all professional installations. For homes with sub-panels containing UPB lighting circuits, phase couplers should be specified for each of those sub-panels, as well as the main panel.


  7. Can Simply Automated UPB products be used on 3-phase power systems?
  8. Simply Automated devices can be used on 3-phase power systems only when a 3-phase coupler/repeater is installed. A repeater is required to time-shift the UPB pulses so that they will appear in the correct position on the AC sine wave of all three phases.  See UTR 3-Phase Repeater.


  9. Are Simply Automated UPB products available worldwide?
  10. Simply Automated currently manufactures products for the North American residential automation market. Its UPB products are designed to operate on 120VAC, 60Hz split-phase power systems. Powerline products for 100VAC, 220-240VAC and 50Hz may be available upon request. Please Contact Us for availability.


  11. What is the warranty period?
  12. Simply Automated UPB products are warranted for a period of two (2) years after date of shipment. See Warranty Information.


  13. What should I do if I have a question or a problem?
  14. Contact your local distributor or dealer from whom you purchased the product. In most cases, their customer service personnel should be able to resolve the issue.  You can also contact Simply Automated.


  15. Can I use Simply Automated products in an outdoor environment?

    Simply Automated products are labeled ‘for indoor use only’ for agency approval purposes. This lets the homeowner know an approved outdoor weatherproof/waterproof enclosure is required to meet safety agency requirements.  You can generally use our products anywhere you would like as long as they are in an enclosure that meets safety agency approvals for the intended environment.

    Besides humidity and rain protection, one also needs to consider outdoor temperature extremes -- both hot and cold. Operating temperature specifications need to be within the data sheet’s specified tolerances for the products to properly work.


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