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Product Safety

Product Safety Testing & Certification

All Simply Automated products bear the ETL listed mark indicating that they have been tested and meet or exceed minimum requirements of widely accepted product safety standards as determined through the independent testing of a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

All Simply Automated products are tested and monitored to any applicable UL and CSA standards by Intertek Testing Services, also known as ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories).  ETL, UL, CSA and other National Testing Laboratories are overseen/monitored by OSHA.  Each group of products has its own specific report with the applicable standards tested to, be it UL, CSA, or some other "harmonized" standard.  The Simply Automated listing information can be found on the ETL website.

See 'Reports Overview' page below for Simply Automated.  Each report will list the applicable standards at the right and a list of products covered if you click on the links to the left, noting each report may cover more than one product.

What's the difference between the UL and ETL Listed Marks?

Both marks demonstrate that the product has met the minimum requirements of widely accepted product safety standards, and, as part of that testing regimen, the product manufacturer has agreed to periodic follow-up inspections to verify continued compliance. So, the only real difference between the marks is in the service, and services, of the testing laboratory behind them. It's here that the clients of the ETL SEMKO division of Intertek enjoy the real differences between UL and ETL. ETL's custom-tailored testing, quick turnarounds, and flexible work methods are literally changing the face of the industry by promoting an environment where the testing lab and product manufacturer work more collaboratively - bringing products to market more quickly, more smoothly, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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