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The Simply Automated Pre-Configured Lamp Plug-in Starter Kit (model DKIT-02) allows you to control up to two lamps from one conveniently placed tabletop controller. With this easy-to-install system, you can create custom lighting scenarios according to your mood or needs. And because it utilizes Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) technology that operates over your home's existing electrical system, the kit requires no rewiring or construction. 

DKIT-02 Technical Details

  • Includes 2 lamp modules and tabletop pedestal with 4-button faceplate
  • Utilizes SimplySmartTM technology to make installation a breeze. No computer programming required! 1-2-3-Done. One-touch control turns on multiple lamps, includes dimming settings.
  • Add 2 additional lamp modules (models: UML7, UML8), tabletop pedestals (models: US2TP11, USQT22, US28OTP23), Dimmer Starter Kit (models: DKIT-01) dimmers (models: US1W9, US1W10), deluxe dimmers (models: US2W12, US2W24), appliance relay modules (models: UMA25, UMA26) or controlled receptacles (models: URD27, URD28).  Note: only one of each pre-configured MODEL can be ordered per home installation.
  • Powerful custom expansion capability up to 250 devices when configured with a computer interface module, and UPStart software on your PC. Add lamp/appliance modules, single rocker dimmer or deluxe dimmer (faceplate options up to 8 buttons), tabletop pedestal, wall receptacle, fixture modules or scheduler-timer.
  • Your home should be no more than 2500 square feet and have only one breaker panel.  A phase coupler is required in some home installations (see DKIT-02 user guide for more details).

One-Touch Lighting Control for Safety and Convenience
1Once you install the Simply Automated Pre-Configured Lamp Plug-in Starter Kit, with the push of a button you can turn on up to two lamps at the lighting levels of your choice.

The Lamp Plug-in Starter Kit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the safety of a well-lit home. For instance, you can set up a control pedestal at your home's entryway to turn on lamps in up to three different rooms at once, so you never have to enter a dark home again.  For added security you can also add accessories to give you control of your outdoor lighting without having to step outside.

Expanded Applications with Optional Accessories
In addition to improving your home's safety, the Lamp Plug-in Starter Kit can be augmented with optional accessories that give you the ability to control the lighting throughout your home to suit your activities and moods.

By adding the optional Dimmer Starter Kit (DKIT-01) to your system, you can control the lighting in up to three separate rooms from one conveniently placed switch. Other optional accessories include lamp modules (UML7, UML8), four or 8-button tabletop controllers (US2TP11, USQT22, US28OTP23), standard dimmers (US1W9, US1W10), deluxe four-button single rocker dimmers (US2W12, US2W24), appliance relay modules (UMA25 or UMA26), controlled receptacles (URD27, URD28) and the scheduler-timer (UCS-01), which gives you the freedom to program on/off scheduling for each device.

You can add only one of each Pre-Configured model number to your system. This gives you the ability to use more than 20 devices at once for truly flexible lighting customization, making it easy to create different moods for entertaining, cooking, reading, and watching movies.

Simply Automated also offers custom faceplates in a wide array of colors to match your home's decor. (Sold separately.)

SimplySmart Technology Ensures a "1-2-3 Done!" Installation
The Lamp Plug-in Starter Kit relies on SimplySmartTM Technology that allows the devices in the kit to "talk" to one another without any special software or installation. Because the kit also relies on UPB technology, which sends and receives pulses over the preexisting electrical system in your home, you don't need to invest in expensive reconstruction or rewiring to control the lighting in your home.

Installation is as simple as "1-2-3 Done!" Simply place the tabletop controller with the four-button scene controller most convenient for you, and plug the two lamp modules in outlets of your choice, and you're done. The controller's four buttons give you the option of turning on or off any of the lights independently of each other, or all at once.

Installation Requirements
Simply Automated dimmers require both a neutral (white) and hot (black) connection. The dimmers are not for use on three-way circuits and are not intended for use in multi-dwelling units. Homes using Simply Automated dimmers should be no more than 2,500 square feet and should have only one breaker panel. A phase coupler is required in some home installations (see DKIT-02 User Guide for more details).


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