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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

General Technology (UPB Related) Questions
  1. What is UPB (Universal Powerline Bus)?
  2. Why is UPB significantly better than X10?
  3. Why is UPB a superior technology compared to RF-based communication?
  4. How long has UPB been available for lighting control and automation?
  5. How many devices can be used in a UPB system?
  6. What are ‘scenes’ and how does UPB address them?
  7. What are ‘Links’?
  8. Are there any interference issues with UPB?
  9. What is Gen II UPB?
Application Related Questions (What Products to Use, When and Where?)
  1. Where should I use a single-rocker dimmer switch base (Model: US1-40) and where should I use a multi-rocker/button dimmer switch controller base (Model: US2-40 or US22-40)?
  2. I’m building a new home, what do I need to make sure the electrician does to ensure a reliable installation of UPB switches?
  3. What switches should be used for non-dimmable fixtures or appliances?
  4. I’m remodeling a portion of my house and want to add more lighting fixtures without cutting into walls to do wiring.  Is there a way to add lighting controls without adding more junction boxes and wiring?
  5. I need to control a light from two locations, but do not have 3-way wiring to control the light from both locations.  Can this be done with UPB switches?
Programming Related Questions (Using UPStart Software)
  1. How do I configure a home using UPB – what is UPStart software?
  2. What should I do when UPStart says my computer interface module is out of date?
  3. I’ve programmed a button or rocker on a multi-button/rocker dimmer switch controller base (US2-40 or US22-40) to control a scene. I’ve checked the transmitter and all the receivers, everything is programmed correctly but it doesn’t work.  What’s the problem?
  4. I tried to perform a ‘factory reset’ on a dual-circuit multi-button/rocker dimmer controller base (US22-40) but I can’t seem to get it out of setup without cycling power to the unit.  Is there something wrong with my US22-40? 
General Product Related Questions
  1. Where can I buy Simply Automated Products?
  2. How do I ‘get started’ using Simply Automated products?
  3. Do I need a phase coupler?
  4. Can Simply Automated UPB products be used on 3-phase power systems?
  5. Are Simply Automated UPB products available worldwide?
  6. What is the warranty period?
  7. What should I do if I have a question or a problem?
  8. Can I use Simply Automated products in an outdoor environment?
Dimmer Switch Related Questions
  1. How do the interchangeable faceplates work?
  2. Will a dimmer switch control a circuit before it is configured with UPStart software?
  3. How do I order a single-rocker dimmer switch with a white faceplate already installed?
  4. What if I want to order a single-rocker dimmer switch with a different color (other than white)?
  5. How do I order faceplates for the single-circuit (Model: US2-40) or dual-circuit (Model: US22-40) universal dimmer controller bases?
  6. In what colors are SimplyBrilliant switches available?
  7. How is the power rating of SimplyBrilliant switches affected by multi-gang boxes?
  8. What are the limitations on scenes?
  9. How can I achieve 3-way operation using Simply Automated dimmer switches?
  10. Can I use Simply Automated dimmer switches with remote switches from other manufacturers?
  11. Can the indicator on the Dedicated Remote switch turn track the load?
  12. Why are there two multi-way traveler wire connections on US2-40 and US22-40 dimmer controller bases?
  13. Can Simply Automated products control non-incandescent lighting?
  14. What if there is no neutral wire available in the switch box?


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