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Home Automation Lighting Control PC-Configured Products

Single-Rocker Dimmers Deluxe Dimmer Controllers Fan & Scene
Remote 3
or 4 Way Dimmers
Tabletop Pedestal Computer Interface Modules Phase
Starter Kits Other
Dimmer Switch (White)
Dimmer Controller Base
Optional Faceplates
Single Circuit Base
Dual Circuit Base
Optional Faceplates
Label Kit
3-Speed Fan Controller (white)
3-Speed Fan Controller Base
Scene Controller (White)
Scene Controller Base
Label Kit
Dimmer Controller (White)
Dimmer Controller Base
Optional Faceplates
Lamp (Dimming) Module
Appliance (Relay) Module
Input/Output Module
Receptacle Module
Dimming Fixture Module
Relay Fixture Module
8-Button Tabletop Pedestal
Tabletop Pedestal with Universal Dimmer Controller Base
Housing Tabletop Pedestal
Label Kit
USB Computer Interface Module
RS-232 Serial Computer Interface Module
3-Phase Repeater Module
Wire-In Phase Coupler
Breaker-Box Mount Phase Coupler
Plug-In 30A Phase Coupler
Plug-In 50A Phase Coupler
Home Automation Basic Dimmer Starter Kit
Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/USB CIM, Wire-In Phase Coupler
Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/USB CIM,
Breaker-Box Mount Phase Coupler
Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/Serial CIM, Wire-In Phase Coupler
Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/Serial CIM, Breaker-Box Mount Phase Coupler


Simply Automated
Wire-In UPB Modules


Controlled UPB Receptacle
12A, Relay Controlled Top Outlet with
Programmable Countdown Timer
and Remote Traveler Wire Connection
White, Ivory, Almond

Model: URD-30 Data Sheet


Controlled UPB Receptacle
12A, Relay Controlled Top Outlet with 
Programmable Countdown Timer 
and Remote Traveler Wire Connection 
White, Ivory, Almond, Light Almond

The model URD-30 delivers on/off control for appliances, fan/pump motors and lights (see model UML, dimming incandescent lamps). It is available in four standard colors, white, almond light almond and ivory and includes a matching wall-plate. Installation is simple: the module wires into a standard 120 VAC outlet / junction box. The appliance, motor or light to be controlled is plugged into the top receptacle. The connected appliance can be manually controlled by a UPB switch, remote switch or multi-button controller, or automatically with a scheduler (model UCS-01), I/O module (model UMI) or with any PC / security / home automation controller that provides a UPB serial driver option (see FAQ for a current listing).

When the URD-30 is controlled by a remote switch (model USR), local response time adjustments are available (300, 450, 600 and the default 750 mSec) and configured with UPStart configuration software. Local response time is the time from rocker press to load response.

The timer feature of the URD-30 automatically turns off the controlled outlet via scene-link commands, after a pre-set period of 1, 5 or 30 seconds, 1, 2, 4, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 minutes, 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours. The timer can be disabled so the URD-30 functions like a standard controlled receptacle (no timer function).

A UPB switch, such as the model US2-40 Universal Dimming Transceiver, can also command any of the timer functions of the URD, via a lighting scene link command, to enable any selection of timed off options (e.g. buttons for 1 minute, 4 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour).



Controlled (relay) receptacles provide a convenient solution to add controlled fans, fluorescent lights, motor/pumps or outdoor lighting to a room, garage and yard. The most common use of the controlled receptacle is to add light control to a room. As an example, if a room was poorly lit with a single ceiling light or conventional controlled receptacle, a multi-rocker/button UPB switch (model US2 with ZS25O faceplate) could replace the existing wall switch; and with the addition of the URD controlled receptacle in a desired outlet box, one or more wall-switch controlled lights could be added to the room (e.g. reading lamp and/or night stand lamp). The multi-rocker/button switch could be configured to control any combination of the ceiling light and lamps using lighting scene-links (e.g. a rocker to control both light and lamp and individual buttons to control each light/lamp separately). Outdoor lighting or water feature control for a patio or yard is also a popular URD application (requires a waterproof junction box / wall-plate assembly). These outdoor features are commonly controlled by a scheduler (model UCS) or UPB switch. If the outside lighting should be on after dusk and the water feature on during waking hours, the receptacle can be automatically activated with the scheduler's celestial clock and scene-link controls. The celestial clock knows when the sun rises and sets and automatically compensates for daylight savings and leap year. The vacation mode setting of the scheduler can also control indoor UPB lighting while your away, with a simple change of the run mode. Fluorescent lighting control in the garage is also a popular application for the controlled receptacle, just like adding lighting and multi-rocker/button controls to a room as described above. Replacing a conventional non-controlled outlet with a URD and connecting multiple fluorescent lights can turn a poorly lit garage into a bright workshop. A garage door proximity sensor connected to an I/O module (model UMI) can create lighting scenes with the controlled receptacle, illuminating the garage as well as the yard and entrance to the home when ever the garage door is opened.


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