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Home Automation Lighting Control PC-Configured Products

Single-Rocker Dimmers Deluxe Dimmer Controllers Fan & Scene
Remote 3
or 4 Way Dimmers
Tabletop Pedestal Computer Interface Modules Phase
Starter Kits Other
Dimmer Switch (White)
Dimmer Controller Base
Optional Faceplates
Single Circuit Base
Dual Circuit Base
Optional Faceplates
Label Kit
3-Speed Fan Controller (white)
3-Speed Fan Controller Base
Scene Controller (White)
Scene Controller Base
Label Kit
Dimmer Controller (White)
Dimmer Controller Base
Optional Faceplates
Lamp (Dimming) Module
Appliance (Relay) Module
Input/Output Module
Receptacle Module
Dimming Fixture Module
Relay Fixture Module
8-Button Tabletop Pedestal
Tabletop Pedestal with Universal Dimmer Controller Base
Housing Tabletop Pedestal
Label Kit
USB Computer Interface Module
RS-232 Serial Computer Interface Module
3-Phase Repeater Module
Wire-In Phase Coupler
Breaker-Box Mount Phase Coupler
Plug-In 30A Phase Coupler
Plug-In 50A Phase Coupler
Home Automation Basic Dimmer Starter Kit
Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/USB CIM, Wire-In Phase Coupler
Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/USB CIM,
Breaker-Box Mount Phase Coupler
Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/Serial CIM, Wire-In Phase Coupler
Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/Serial CIM, Breaker-Box Mount Phase Coupler


Simply Automated
UPB Computer Interface


RS-232 Computer Interface Module
Required for Programming UPStart Software

Model: UMC-DB9-W Data Sheet


Computer Interface Module
Serial Communication Modules
to Configure and Control Any UPB Devices

The UMC series are plug-in modules designed to convert serial RS-232 signals into highly-reliable, Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) signals. They provide a bridge between the PC/controller to the powerline via the module's plug-in AC connection. This enables computer-based configuration and control (use UMC-DB9 for control) of lighting scenes, switches, modules and other UPB devices, over the power line. UPB devices such as switches, multi- button controllers and schedulers are easily integrated in to a new home or can replace switches and timers in an existing home. UPB technology requires no new or special wiring, it provides a flexible, low-costs alternative to hard wired or RF home lighting and automation strategies.

The UMC-USB-W is ideal for an installer configuring any UPB devices with a laptop personal computer (PC) using UPStart software, since it plugs in to the popular USB port. The UMC-USB is not recommended for connection of home automation controllers.

The UMC-DB9-W is ideal for controller applications since it uses the highly reliable RS-232C serial interface; common to most desktop PCs, home automation controllers and alarm panels. The UMC-DB9 can also be used to configure any UPB devices.

Two alternatives are available to the UMC-DB9. First is the Scheduler-Timer (model UCS-01) with Computer Interface Module (CIM) mode. It provides all of the functionality of the UMC-DB9 plus it will control 99 scheduled events and links for up to 250 UPB devices. The scheduler is easy to use and has an impressive list of features including celestial clock and vacation mode, so it can control outdoor and indoor lighting while you are at home or away. Second is the Pocket Programmer (model UPP-20) with the CIM mode. It provides all the functionality of the UMC-DB9 plus a programming display – providing 80% of the UPStart configuration software capability without the use of a PC. The pocket programmer is only recommended for installers who are proficient with UPStart software.

Installation of the UMC is simple: the module is plugged into a standard 120VAC outlet. The serial or USB port of the computer or controller is connected to the module using the standard cable provided. With the appropriate software, such as UPStart (available for download), the computer or controller can then be used to configure and control UPB devices in the home. There is a wide variety of third party PC programs and controller options available, all of which utilize the UMC series of modules (see FAQ for a current 3rd party listing).



The potential applications for the UMC series and UPB devices seem endless – "only limited by one's imagination." Custom scenes (connecting up to 250 switches) in your living, family or great room, kitchen, study, master bedroom/bathroom, office, patio or garage. Turn on all lights in your home at the touch of a button. Automatically (scheduler-timer, model UCS-01) turn on/off/dim outdoor garden or security lights, heating and AC, or provide night light convenience anywhere in your home. Timer functions enable bathroom fan, heat lamp, exit lighting or energy savings applications. From simply adding a multi-button switch and lamp module that provides more/multiple lights/controls in a room, or creating a virtual 3-way switch anywhere in your home, to turning on a group of lights when your garage door is opened, entertainment system is powered on, or doorbell or phone rings (I/O module, model UMI), Simply Automated offers a vast array of simple and flexible solutions.

Residential security is enhanced by turning on one, two or a group of lights when there is an access/break-in alarm, fire alarm or panic button push. Door contacts and motion sensors can turn lights on automatically for convenience and safety (stairway/hallway). Energy savings is realized by automatically turning off/on lights and turning back the thermostat when arming/disarming the security system. Switches can now be pre-set for dimming levels to save energy and prolong bulb life. Compatible with a long list of home automation controllers, alarm systems and PC based software packages, see FAQ for a current listing and more home lighting automation and control solutions.


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