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Home Automation Dimmer Starter Kit w/Serial CIM, Breaker-Box Mount Phase Coupler


Simply Automated
UPB Scene Controller


UPB Scene Controller and Faceplate (White)
Includes Scene Controller Base and White Faceplate with 4-Oval Buttons
4 Green LEDs Provide Scene Link Status, LED Confirmation When a Scene is On/Off

Ordering Information: UCQT-40A-W

Model: UCQT-40A-W Data Sheet


SimplyBrilliant® UCQT-40A is a UPB Transceiver Switch Base, which requires a 4-button faceplate. Oval button (ZS24OS Series) and Thin-Bar button (ZS24BS Series) faceplates are sold separately, easily changed in the home, and available in white, almond, light almond, ivory, black or brown. The model UCQT-40A-W includes a white, oval button faceplate (Model ZS24OS- W) attached to the UCQT-40A switch base. Custom label kits are available (model ZLK-01S), so the buttons and status LEDs can be easily labeled to identify the lighting scene. The UCQT Series also fits nicely in the Tabletop Pedestal accessory (model ZTP2-W or –BK, white or black) and is available as an assembled unit (model USQT). It is great for bedside lighting control and status of outdoor lights.

The UCQT-40A Series transmits and receives UPB lighting scene links. It has no local light-circuit output (see model US2-40 for up to 900W local load control, or model US22-40 for dual dimmer outputs, 2x550W max.). It is used as a UPB lighting scene controller, and provides ultra-reliable control of any UPB dimmer or relay devices. The UCQT also listens for and receives lighting scenes allowing the status LEDs to track and indicate the state of scenes, or individual UPB device loads. Extremely flexible with 8 LED status receive presets, the 4-LEDs can be set to show which lights are on or off; inside or outside the home. It can also transmit and receive lighting scene commands and status with other Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) controllers including any PC / security / home / automation systems that provide a UPB serial driver option (see FAQ for a current listing) – to control virtually anything that connects to AC power anywhere in the home.

SimplySmartTM manual scene link modification capabilities are unique to Simply Automated devices. A user can easily change existing scenes, adding or removing devices and adjusting light levels, by pressing buttons/rockers in a specific sequence (see User Guide for details) without using UPStart.



The UCQT-40A Scene Controller is used when there is a need to show that lighting scenes or loads are active or not. It is most useful when the lights being controlled are not clearly visible from the location of the scene controller. Examples of this include outdoor lighting, multi-story or large homes. The most common locations for scene controllers include the master bedroom or entry/exits. From the master bedroom the scene controller could provide control and status of exterior security lighting or to see if there maybe lights on in other areas of the home (e.g. down stairs). Entry and exit locations are good to control 'welcome home' or 'away' scenes, outdoor garden or holiday lighting, as well as outhouse type lighting (e.g. detached garage, pool house, dock, etc...).

Scene controllers are also used as UPB transmitters, since they do not have an output circuit to control a local load. They can be used in retrofit applications, remodels or new home construction. In new construction UPB dimmers or relay modules are used to control power to the load circuits, and the UCQT controls those UPB devices. For new home construction the Electrician's wiring design ensures proper wiring for scene controllers and circuit-load controllers.

Retrofitting scene controllers require the help of UPB dimmer or relay module since every switch position in a home usually controls a local circuit load. The most common way to use scene controllers in retrofit applications is in combination with the UPB Dual Dimmer (model US22-40). The Dual Dimmer makes retrofitting scene controllers quite easy. If there is a dual junction box (j-box) with two switches controlling two loads, the dual dimmer can replace the two load switches using half the dual j- box, and the scene controller will fit in the other half of the j-box. No difficult re-wiring is required, while scene control and lighting status is gained.

Retrofit of a UCQT in a single-gang j-box is possible with the with the help of a UPB fixture dimmer (model UFD) or relay module (model UFR). Fixture modules are designed to fit in a hidden junction box or wired in behind a light fixture. The scene controller can be wired-in to replace an existing load controlling switch, where the load switch leg is connect to (always) hot at the scene controller j-box. And, the other end of the switch leg powers the fixture module at the load/fixture j-box, which is connected to and controls power to the load. The scene controller is then used to control the fixture module along with any other scenes, UPB dimmer or relay switches.

Another common retrofit application for the scene controllers is using the Tabletop Pedestal (model USQT) housing. The tabletop pedestal is designed to fit the scene controller well, and is portable; so it can be plugged-in and rest on a nightstand, desk, work-bench or used anywhere an outlet is available.


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