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In how many homes have you installed Simply Automated UPB products in the past year?
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*How many Simply-Automated switches does your company sell or install per year?
more than 250
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more than 10
*What are the primary products that your company installs or sells?

From which Distributors
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AARtech Canada
All-Phase Electric Co.
Automated Outlet
Automation & Security Technologies, Inc.
DPC Distributors, Inc.
EECOL Electric
Group One NW, Inc.
Home Controls, Inc.
Home Innovation Distributors
HomeTech Solutions
Martin's Security
Mathes Electric Supply Company
Quantum Electronic Systems
Sesco Datacom / State Electric Supply Co.
Smart Box
SmartHome USA
SmartHome, Inc
The Systems Depot
Warshauer Electric
W.B. Cross Co.
Worthington Distribution
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