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Honeywell Vista

Never Enter a Dark Home Again

Welcome to Simply Automated support page for the Honeywell Vista Security System and the In2 Networks Internet Communications Modules (ICM).

Never Enter a Dark Home Again
Simply Automated lighting automation and control solutions make the Honeywell Vista Security System even more powerful.  In2 Networks’ ICM easily connects Honeywell and Simply Automated solutions resulting in added value and savings for the home owner.  The application solutions include:

  • Turn on one or more lights, automatically, using security systems’ sensors, from doors, windows, to motion detectors.
  • Break-in or panic alarm lighting, enhances alarms by turning on interior lights and blinking exterior lights so neighbors, EMS, police or firefighters can quickly come to the rescue.
  • Fire safety, automatically turns on interior lights at 75% (or the desired level), making it easier to see through the smoke, to allow a safe path out of the house.
  • Energy savings and convenience, automatically turn on/off lights and thermostat when arming/disarming security.   

Getting Started
You will need a Honeywell Vista Security Panel (any model Vista "P"), the appropriate In2 Networks’ ICM interface module (VistaICM for security, 6i-ICML for lighting and 6100ICM for thermostat control), Ethernet hub and Simply Automated products, specifically the Advanced Starter Package.

The installation process is straight forward, physically install the hardware per the manufacturer’s instructions, then program the security panel, set-up and configure the ICM network and link Simply Automated lighting scenes.

Honeywell Connected Home Diagram

Honeywell Vista Lighting Application Note including a step by step procedure

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